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Since decades leader in the sector of agricultural machinery

The company Neuero Italiana was established in 1972 by Peter Desaler, as an affiliate from the parent company “Neuero Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH”.
Neuero Italiana was established in South-Tyrol, because of the high request of agricultural machinery.
After few years the company started to sell its machinery to the entire Italy, Austria and Germany.
In the year 1999 the son Thomas took the company over, and now it is active from approximately 50 years. The strategic position allowed the company to expand and work with costumers from all Europe.



BROTWEG | Sviluppo di macchine e impianti per la coltivazione di cereali nelle condizioni estreme di montagna

The Brotweg project wants to develop radical and incremental innovations for the cultivation of cereals in extreme mountain contexts, on very steep slopes (70%) where cereal cultivation is today precluded to any form of mechanization, with consequent abandonment due to the high demands of labor. The need to identify new models of development for mountain agriculture, complementary to the prevailing zootechnical ones, re-proposes in the foreground the alternative of the “cereal supply chain” (cereal-flour-bread), compared to the “dairy supply chain” (hay- milk-cheese) for the considerable advantages that the former entails in terms of reduction of labor and annual workloads, investments and environmental impacts. But the cereal supply chain first requires the solution of problems that hinder the adoption of suitable technological solutions for field mechanization and conservation in small farms.

The project develops prototypes for:

a) cultivation, with new machinery that is able to operate in critical areas with high slopes (sowing and harvesting)
b) post-harvesting and conservation of grain in the farmstead
c) transformation with micro planning lines. By taking into account the economic and beneficial consequences. This step also considers the safety measurements for workers, check of erosion phenomena and the safeguard of the landscape. The goal is the sustainability of the entire sector.

Details of the project

Name of the project: FESR Brotweg [CUP: I56C18000060009]
Operational programme: Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale (FESR). – Investimenti a favore della crescita e dell’occupazione FESR 2014 – 2020.

For the realisation of the project, Neuero Italiana cooperates with:


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